For Laurel Lea St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Church

When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them.  When you are feeling safe and happy, remember that someone is praying for you.

Tuesday, September 1: As children return to school, pray that friends and joy and laughter will be theirs during this time of transition.

Wednesday, September 2: Pray for young adults who are entering university. Help them to manage their time well so that they will have a successful academic experience.

Thursday, September 3: Pray for our Discipleship Committee who meets today to make plans for the coming year.

Friday, September 4: Pray for the four congregations in the Grey-Bruce-Maitland presbytery in their new ministry—the Central Grey Bruce Cooperative Presbyterian Ministry. The churches are working together to develop new programs, particularly for children, youth and older adults. The “Co-op” is a new way for churches to be present in rural areas and smaller communities while making the most effective use of scarce resources.

Saturday, September 5: Pray for our own Session and Board of Managers who will begin meeting again this month after a summer break.

Sunday, September 6: Give thanks for music, and for the choir members and musicians who share their gifts at church on Sunday mornings.

Monday, September 7: Labour Day.  Give thanks for meaningful and satisfying work. Pray that there will be adequate employment for all people in Canada.

Tuesday, September 8: Pray for Presbyterian World Service & Development partners as they teach marginalized children and women around the world to read, write and improve their standard of living.

Wednesday, September 9: Pray for the Women’s potluck which will be held tonight. We give thanks for the blessing of getting together and hearing how the children enjoyed camp.

Thursday, September 10: Pray for the students attending our theological colleges as they resume their studies for the fall semester.

Friday, September 11: Pray for the Inn of the Good Shepherd and the people it helps as well as our team of workers who will be providing a meal there today.

Saturday, September 12: Pray for new Canadians seeking employment—such as those in the Nigerian Church, Toronto, ON—who must overcome barriers of foreign academic credentials and minimal Canadian work experience.

Sunday, September 13: Fall Kickoff Sunday.  Give thanks for the beginning of a new program year and for all those who help teach Sunday School, Bible Studies, and work with Kingdom Kids. Pray for God’s blessing this year over all our discipleship groups.

Monday, September 14: Pray for Pastor Janine, Session clerk Scott Newton, organist Ollie Case, music director Laurel Liddicoat-Newton, janitor Rick Paradis, secretary Sarah Case, Board of Managers chair Ann Donato, treasurer/bookkeeper Paula Westaway.

Tuesday, September 15: Pray for people who are retiring, that they will find fulfillment and joy in their new journey.

Wednesday, September 16: Pray for the Presbytery of Lambton-West Middlesex as they meet tonight and that they will find a way to work positively together this coming year.

Thursday, September 17: Pray for people who have been newly diagnosed with a long-term disease, that they will be supported as they adjust to their new reality. Pray for someone you know who has a chronic, long-term or terminal illness.
Friday, September 18: Pray for Dr. Richard (Rick) Allen as he concludes more than 20 years of service in HIV and AIDS education and prevention through International Ministries’ partner, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Kenya.

Saturday, September 19: Pray for mothers and their babies in Malawi and Afghanistan who are receiving much needed medical care and advice through a Presbyterian World Service & Development program.

Sunday, September 20: Pray for a just peace and an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Monday, September 21: International Day of Prayer for Peace.  Pray for safety and well being for those living in regions of conflict. Pray for organizations such as Project Ploughshares that advocate for peace. 

Tuesday, September 22: Pray for Dr. George Sabra, President of the Near East School of Theology in Beirut. Pray that our partnership will deepen as we learn what it means to bear witness to Christ in the Middle East.

Wednesday, September 23: Give thanks for the ministry of the Women’s Missionary Society. Pray for guidance and encouragement in their commitment to share God’s love.

Thursday, September 24: Pray for the ministry of our chaplains serving in universities across Canada and for those under their care.

Friday, September 25: Pray for Ollie Case and the concert which he will perform at our church this evening.

Saturday, September 26: Pray for people who have lost their jobs. May they be encouraged as they evaluate their skills and search for new employment.

Sunday, September 27: Presbyterians Sharing Sunday Give thanks for the faithful generosity of congregations across Canada as they share in mission and ministry together through Presbyterians Sharing.

Monday, September 28: Pray for safety and endurance for the volunteer Canadian Rangers that work in isolated areas in Canada, protecting the land and coastal ranges.

Tuesday, September 29: Pray for Presbyterian World Service & Development partners as they work to provide assistance and emotional counselling to people around the world who have lost their homes, family members and livelihoods due to disaster or conflict.

Wednesday, September 30: Pray that the changing autumn leaves will remind us of our calling to be stewards of God’s beautiful world.