Comedy Night:

Wednesday, March 11 will feature Derrick Tennant, an amazing comedian with an incredible story. He was a skilled athlete that had a stroke when he was young and is now paralyzed on his left side. He has a very positive outlook! 

Wed. Mar. 11 at Lakeshore Community Church, 2815 Old Lakeshore Rd, Bright's Grove

Kintail on the Road:

KOTR will run from July 6-10, 2020


Board Meeting:

A Board Meeting will be held on March 10th at noon

On Golden Pond -

Tuesday June 16, 2 pm

Join us for the performance of On Golden Pond, a comedic love story between an elderly couple, Ethel and Norman Thompson. The Victoria Playhouse production stars Michael Learned and Hal Linden. 20 seats have been reserved in rows A, E, F, G. The group rate is $46.33. And of course dinner is always an option. Add your name to our list. We will arrange carpooling.

February and March Birthdays and Anniversaries


February 2, 1933: Theresa Wright

February 5: Michelle Arbour

February 14, 1935: Helen Williams

February 17, 2007: Jan & Jim Joncas' Anniversary

February 18: Rick Paradis

February 19: Linda Luker

February 20, 1971: Marcy Zylstra

February 24: Heather Roundell


March 27: Diane Keck

Fundraiser Ideas Needed: Please submit fundraising suggestions to the LLSM Board of Managers.